Here at First Choice Insurance we realize choosing a Medicare supplement that’s right for you can be very confusing. Even if you already have a supplement, with the constant price increases that occur, what are the options available to you?

As you probably know, Medicare was not made to provide complete medical coverage and so supplemental insurance plans were developed to fill the gaps that are left. Medicare supplements are sold in 12 government-standardized plans A – L. Many insurance companies sell some if not all of the plans that are available. Plan – for – plan, all insurance companies must provide exactly the same coverage. What that means is whether you buy a plan F from a “Company A” or a plan F from “Company B”, the coverage must be exactly the same. What this allows you to do is comparison shop so you can purchase the plan you want at the best price available.

At First Choice Insurance we can help you review all of your options by allowing you a look at over 50 major insurance carriers including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Mutual of Omaha, Standard Life, United American, and Pacific Care just to name a few. Our motto is “The Client Is Always First” and we uphold this by providing you with the most current information and plans available to you at the best price for your premium dollar. We can even help you save on your current prescription costs.

If you already have a supplement you may be questioning whether it’s safe to switch from one company to another and the answer is yes. Remember, the government mandates that every plan must be exactly the same. As long as you meet the eligibility requirements of the new company, it is safe to switch from one company to another. Many people change companies in order to save money but you should always make sure you are accepted to the new company before you cancel your current coverage.

Medicare Chart – Click Here to view Medicare Supplement plan choices

Click Here for the Medicare & You 2008 booklet.

Some Companies We Represent:

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Mutual of Omaha
Pacific Care
Standard Life
United American
Guarantee Trust
United World
Constitution Life

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